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Paediatrics Neuro Rehabilitation

Paediatrics Neuro Rehabilitation

At Elevate Neuro Rehab we have a special interest working with children with hemiplegia whom may have suffered a stroke or other brain injury. We aim to offer evidence based, intensive therapy programs to support children to unlock their potential and support their development.

Programs are offered mainly in our clinic in Nambour to provide the most optimal environment for children engagement in these programs. Home visiting services are possible within the Sunshine Coast region, and this can be discussed with our therapy team.

Our team of experienced occupational therapists offer:

Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (mCIMT)

Bimanual therapy

Certified in using the Assisting Hand Assessment (AHA)

Ongoing support with upper limb goals and rehabilitation

Intensive therapy programs post botulinum-toxin


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We take a modified approach to CIMT when working with children as young as 6months old! Children go through many phases of development and CIMT programs and their intensity are modified to match the child’s current stage of development, presenting condition, and goals. For example, baby CIMT consists of 30mins face to face therapy a day, whereas a child aged 2-3years old may participate in 1.5 hours a day or more of face to face therapy.
No. We construct a mitt or removable splint. Wearing guidelines will be discussed and prescribed following assessment when discussing therapy plan for the program. Research shows that the restraint used is the least important component of CIMT. Massed practice including home practice, behaviour change and shaping tasks are shown to be far more important in the effectiveness of this intervention.

CIMT is an intensive therapy program targeting the hemiplegic upper limb through massed practice, shaping tasks (specific therapy activities targeting components of a whole task), behavioural change, and constraint of the less affected limb. CIMT programs are intensive with face to face therapy usually five days per week for two to three weeks, plus home practice. CIMT is effective for children with hemiplegia that do not have any initiation of their affected arm and hand, or have very specific one-handed goals. We will often commence an intensive program with CIMT for these children, and then finish with bimanual therapy sessions. Humans are ultimately bimanual beings, and children with hemiplegia need to learn how to effectively use two hands together.

Bimanual therapy is an approach teaching the child how to effectively use two hands together which is an essential skill for being able to participate in daily life. Bimanual therapy also helps the child to learn hand role differentiation, ie. How to use the dominant hand effectively, and their non-dominant hand as an assisting hand. We all have a dominant and non-dominant hand, but for children with hemiplegia, they often need help to learn strategies on how to develop the role of the assisting hand as well as their dominant hand and how these can work together! Bimanual therapy programs are often spread over six to eight weeks with weekly sessions in clinic face to face, and a daily home program. This approach is intense with an emphasis on home based practice to ensure generalisation of skills learnt in the clinic.

There is high level of evidence supporting the use of constraint induced movement therapy (CIMT) and bimanual therapy for children with hemiplegia (one side of the body affected). Each therapy intervention has its place and one is not considered superior to the other. Through careful assessment and goal setting, our therapists will create a therapy plan and discuss with you what our recommendations are.